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Revising my plan. Or maybe revisiting. Re-visioning. Thingy.

October 6, 2010

This blog has been languishing.

There are probably reasons I could come up with: I was rebooting my art business (yay art!). I launched my own perfume company (yay pretty smelly stuff!). I’ve been lazy?-depressed?-procrastinating? (boo apathy!).

But I think it boils down to this: this is the blog for “stuff that doesn’t easily fit on my other websites”. Ooh, that’s inspiring. I really want to do THAT today.

So, I’m changing gears. Since I don’t have any readers, this is easy. It also means I’m talking to myself.

Which is my new idea.

I’ve been really inspired by Havi at The Fluent Self. And some of what she’s doing over there is ringing little bells in my brain.

~*jingle-jingle*~ Hey, maybe you should look at this. Is this something that would help? ~*jingle-jingle*~

SO I’m going to experiment with some mindful journalling. I’ve had limited success with this in the past, but I’m interested in this and willing to give it a shot. So… reboot.

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