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Friday I’m in Love

October 8, 2010

Love notes of the week:

  • Dear new socks, I have such a crush on your right now. Is it bad that I just want to cuddle with you all the time right now? Of course, now that we’re getting the obligatory autumn second-summer heat wave, I think it’ll be a while before we can snuggle again. And I want you to know that even though I got you on sale, I promise I’ll never think of you as “cheap”. Unless you unravel on me after the first wash. But I’m sure you aren’t That Kind of Sock, right?
  • Dear Shiva Nata, you make my brain all twisty. I haven’t felt like this since studying Ancient Greek. I like that you make me feel like I’m in college again, because that’s hot.
  • Dear hardware store, thank you for the giant box of dremel bits at a shockingly reasonable price. I’m going to go destroy something get creatively sculptural this week. Hey! I wonder if that gardener on the south end of town will be selling gourds again?
  • Dear husband, have I told you that you’re totally hot? What? Only 27 times this week? Well. Here’s one more, then. And the picture in the paper is adorable and I might buy a copy so we can use it to remember the suit-and-tie days when we’re retired and living in some crazy hippie commune years from now. Also, thank you for bringing me flowers when I was all exhausted from insomnia. And you totally rock for framing two more walls in the basement… and trusting me to drive Atlas the Wondertruck through the yard. TWICE.
  • Dear Twitter, I’m sorry I said all those mean things about you. Now that I know you’re a bar, you’re much more likable. I might even come hang out every once in a while.
  • Dear tarot cards, it was lovely hanging out with you again. What a great party, huh? Bellydancers and costumes and only two creepy guys in the whole coffeeshop! It was fun hanging out, and I really enjoyed introducing a bunch of folks to you — I could tell that most of them got over their shyness and prejudice pretty quickly. You’re such an ambassador. We really need to get you out for something other than Halloween parties. C’mon, it’ll be fun!
  • Dear son, you constantly impress me. You’re making good grades, excelling in nearly a dozen extracurriculars, and even when the stress gets to you, you still manage to pull it together and ground yourself and get back on track. I’m so proud of you. (And if you need to let one or two of these activities go, that’s okay, and I totally understand. You do not need to do all the things.) (That offer does not apply to the dishes, however. Sorry, man.)

Things that needed a little more love:

  • Dear insomnia, I think we need to see other people. It’s just not working out.
  • Dear sock dreams, I love you very much. But sometimes I find that over half of the things I want to order are sold out… but are still listed on the site for me to fall in love with. Ouch. You can be such a tease.
  • Dear taxes, I am still afraid of you in all kinds of irrational and uncontrollable ways. I’m still trying, though. Maybe next year all my forms will arrive during the legally-mandated timeframe and I won’t have to get an extension and will only have to agonize over you ONCE in the year. I think that would be better for both of us.
  • Dear teen-boy-vs.-dad testosterone matches, …really? REALLY? I thought you were just a literary plot device, or… I dunno… a Hollywood clichĂ© or something. You are so WEIRD. Wow. I’m glad you don’t come over to visit often, because see above re: insomnia.

Comment Love:
What are you madly in love with this week? Or crushing on? Or just enjoying flirting with?

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