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Shivanote, Week 1

October 11, 2010

Discoveries about Shiva Nata in my first week:

  • The moves are familiar to me. Between Egyptian cabaret candle-dancing, Chinese martial arts, Bollywood fusion dance workshops, and nights dancing at the goth clubs, I’m pretty well equipped to jump in and play.
  • This does not in any way mean I’m in SHAPE to do this. I was worried my triceps were going to burn? They might be, but I can’t tell because my upper back and shoulders are screaming too much to tell what might be going on with my arms. Wow ow. On the other hand, this should strengthen the exact muscle groups I need to keep my mid-upper back in good spinal alignment, which has been a perennial problem for me. Yay! Of course, this might just mean I’m not relaxing my shoulders enough. Must try to notice that.
  • The puzzle-solving part of me wants to sit down and write out the number sequences and chew through the math and make charts and formula reference sheets to make memorizing the pattern easier/faster. The somewhat more detached part of me thinks this might be too efficient, that forcing my brain to absorb and process it slowly through following along with the DVD might be more effective at making the brain strain and build neural network connections. Hmm. There’s the desire to be “top of the class” (what, even alone in my living room?), which pulls in the opposite direction of the desire to maximize the effect of the practice. Havi warns against the former in her essays. I’ll just follow along for now, and see how long I can hold out against the urge to “sprint”.
  • Pretty much anything with a 4-beat tempo can be commandeered for Shivanautical purposes. I’m starting with some slow blues. Maybe I’ll work my way up to ska. ;)
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