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Cozy Lover’s Getaway for One

October 13, 2010

Yesterday I posted about needing to get back into a good relationship with myself, instead of this strange cold-war depression stuff that sucks.

I kinda had this thought that it would HAVE to be some incredibly long, drawn-out, Sisyphean uphill struggle kinda thing. That it might require two agonizing years of slogging through mud as I try to dig my way out of a deep hole. With rats in it. UGH.

I fixed something resembling supper for The Menfolk and crawled into a hot bath. And cried.

And as I was wallowing in self-pity and despair and almond-scented hot water, I had this kooky idea.

What if I went on a little retreat for the weekend? Just me, and some candles, and the Shiva Nata DVD, and a bag full of mediation and self-work tools and tips and exercises and stuff. No internet, no other people, just me and ME (and maybe some trees).

Okay, maybe it won’t magically revolutionize my life and fix all my problems in one weekend — that trick hardly ever works. But maybe it can kick-start the process. Charge it up. Dust off the practices and techniques I need right now. Or maybe I can take walks and naps and just be. And that would be okay, too. And maybe I’ll spend some of the time screaming and crying. If that needs to happen for the dam to burst, it could be a safe space for that to happen. It would be okay.

So, instead of starting out by taking myself out for coffee, I’m doing a lover’s retreat weekend. A honeymoon reunion.

::happily starts looking for a cabin in the woods::

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