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Notes from sabbatical: Companion

October 23, 2010

Some things crawl onto my shoulder and stay there. Like the chorus of catchy songs. Or a friend’s funny catch phrase. Or a scene in a story. And when it’s sitting on my shoulder, I mentally hear it, see it, say it, come back to it over and over and over until it decides to go find someone else’s shoulder to sit on.

Two weeks ago, Havi posted a video, “Introducing the Schmoppet” on the Fluent Self FB page. For whatever reason, the Schmoppet decided to hang out on my shoulder while I was gathering supplies for my little micro-sabbatical.

The Schmoppet has a very limited vocabulary. In fact, I only recall the Schmoppet saying two things: “Schmoppet” and “pig companion”.

Yeah. Let those three words cycle through your brain on repeat for a few hours.

One of the things I wanted for my sabbatical was a plushie or a throw pillow or something to squish at night. ::Schmoppet:: I don’t sleep alone very often, so I wanted something to hold. ::Schmoppet:: And propping up my chin helps me relax my jaw while I’m sleeping** meaning I’m a little better rested in the morning. ::Pig:: Rested = Awesome. ::Pig Companion::

So there I was, wandering around in Target, picking up anything remotely squooshable and hugging it under my chin to test for size. ::Pig:: Like you do. ::Schmoppet::

And I was having no luck, in a very Goldilocks kind of way. ::Schmoppet:: This one’s too big, ::Pig:: these are all too small, ::Schmoppet:: this one has a funny texture, ::Schmoppet Schmoppet:: this one’s the wrong shape… ::Pig Companion::

Mentally, I turn to the Schmoppet cheerfully riding my shoulder through the store and give him*** an exasperated, “REALLY? Aren’t you getting tired of this yet?”

The Schmoppet strummed his air guitar and gave me a reproachful ::Schmoppet:: right back.

Okay, I guess I was kinda asking for that.


I gave up on finding a suitable squishable and started heading out of the store. And there, on an end cap, crammed on a top shelf, marked “clearance”, were a stack of Pillow Pets.**** ::Pig::

And this one was just right. ::Pig Companion::

There were two monkeys and a penguin, and as it turns out, I’m rather fond of penguins and monkeys scare me a little. ::Schmoppet:: So I had a new friend. ::Pig Companion::

Schmoppet, it’s not a pig.


It’s a penguin.

::Pig Companion::


::Pig:: … ::Win?::

I grinned.

::Pig-Win!:: ::Pig-Win!:: ::Pig-Win Companion!::

Win indeed, little Schmoppet.


** Despite never having been in the Navy, I apparently have a deep-seated aversion to sleeping with my mouth open, and tend to clench my jaw while I sleep. Ow.

*** Um, her? its? Does the Schmoppet have a gender?

**** “It’s a pillow! It’s a pet! It’s a pillow pet!” Somebody needs to have a heart-to-heart talk with their marketing department.


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