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October 28, 2010

So many good things are brewing this week! It’s stupid-busy, but awesome and fun.


I’m writing up a massive tutorial for my art site. It’s my first tutorial, so I’m probably being overly perfectionistic with it… and learning a lot of “how to make a non-sucky tutorial without having the process-of-making-the-tutorial suck, either” stuff. Also, I am not, by nature, a photoblogger. And tutorials kinda need a lot of photos. Gah. So, that’s a challenge for me. But, the project itself is pretty and I love it, so it’s still fun.


I am Stage Mom at the Bonnie Pirate Laddie’s highschool musical, which is The Wizard of Oz this year. The show has really come together, and is adorable. The set is mighty, the costumes and makeup are very well done, and the kids are really doing a phenomenal job with the music and acting. Some of these actors are spooky good. Tonight is opening night, and the performance schedule is MADNESS. So I’ll basically be living at the theatre until after strike on Monday night.


Halloween! This is my most favoritest time of the year EVER. The weather is awesome, it’s the socially-acceptable (sometimes even chic) time to be a witch, and I get to play with costumes! I have no idea when I’ll make the blouse and apron for my costume, but it’ll all work out, I’m sure. Not to mention — between the show’s performance schedule and Halloween falling on a Sunday this year, I’m not sure how we’re going to manage the going-out-to-play-in-costume thing. The local pubs will probably be doing their Halloween parties on Saturday, but if the show doesn’t end until 10:30, then there’s chaos and cleanup… we probably can’t get in costume, with our makeup done, until after 12:30. Oof. But there may not be anything to go DO on actual-Halloween. Must research the pub parties and see what’s up with that.


Brewing up some magic, helping the kids entrance their audiences, and the opportunity to go out and do a little bewitching myself. Yep.

Best. Week. Ever.

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