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Very Personal Ad

November 7, 2010

Publishing this in the Divine Universal Personal Ads:

I want my wedding ring back. I know it was “just a thing“, but it was also “just” the symbol of my marriage, and “just” the first collaborative piece of jewelry my husband and I made together, and “just” gorgeous, and “just” hours and hours of hard work, hand-carving, stone-setting, and love love love. It’s the only one of its kind in the world. And I miss it so much.

I have searched and recruited others to search. I have dug through bags of trash from the high school. I have alerted the authorities. I have checked every pawn shop and cash-for-gold place in the city. I have filed a police report. If there is anything else I can do to help this come back to me, drop me a note, okay, Universe?

I don’t have a preference for how it comes back. If a high school kid gives it to the Bonnie Pirate Laddie during passing period, or the school office calls and says the janitors found it, or the police say it was bought by a pawn shop and we have to pay them to get it back, or I find it in my car. Or something else.

Please come back to me, ring.

Also, Universe, it would be really neat if those two stolen original paintings come back, too. I’m still working on that on my end. But if it comes down to choosing between those two pieces of art, and the ring, I’d rather have my wedding ring back.

Thanks, Universe.

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