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A Few Notes

November 18, 2010

I have no idea why I thought I’d start writing every day. Well, I mean, I do write nearly every day, but when I’m writing book stuff or marketing stuff, I generally don’t want to change gears to write a blog post, and when I’m All Done With Book Stuff For The Day, I don’t really feel like writing anything else. Hmm. But still, it”s nice to have a stack of themes to pull from when I do feel like writing a blog post. So, yeah, new idea: no guilt about not-writing-on-the-blog.

Wedding ring is still missing. Still no luck tracking down the paintings, but now I have an updated address for the dude who ran the gallery, so I’ll send him a certified letter (which might contain the words “Please don’t make me get a lawyer.”) and see what happens.

The sabbatical was brilliant and wonderful, but I think I spent the whole bundle of recharged grace and peace and motivation in getting through the Wizard of Oz production run, not freaking out too much about the ring, and not rampaging about the missing art. =( So now I feel only a little better than I did before I went, and all the good habits I rebooted during the sabbatical are back at ground zero. Bleah.

And… if things continue downhill with The Girlfriend in Oklahoma, then Oldest Son (aka Goth Daddy) might move back to Nebraska. To live with us. And “look for a job”. This was not a rousing success last time. Wondering how to balance compassion with the tough-love-discipline he probably needs. Guh.

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