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What happens when a radical city girl moves to rural Nebraska and marries into parenthood?  Hilarity ensues.  Possibly with torches and pitchforks.

Be Awesome: Inscribed on the temple of Delphi in ancient Greece were the words, “Know thyself”.  I’ve found this to be harder than it sounds, and more rewarding than many other disciplines.  So I share my thoughts on self-awareness, being happy, and cultivating my awesomeness.  I’m not motivated enough to write a textbook titled “Basic Human Competence”, so I just throw excerpts out here once in a while.  Sometimes a little “woo-woo” for some folks.

Be Creative: Sometimes it’s actual Art, sometimes it’s kitschy crafts, sometimes it’s games we play as a family.  I feel the purpose of creative inspiration is to throw it out there to inspire others.  This is me passing the torch.  Or vying for my place on  Whatever.

Be Tasty: I love to eat.  No really.  I think there’s an Italian saying, “There is no love more sincere than the love of food.”  Wow, are they right.  And my cooking has won numerous accolades, from an Olympic crown, to naked proclamations of fealty, to a marriage proposal.  Oh yes, I share the recipes.

Be Sustainable: I wonder what it would be like for a community to live in one place for a thousand years and at the end of that millennium find themselves living in a place that is beautiful, clean, and still capable of sustaining their community for another thousand years.  Also, I love science fiction.  These might be related.

Be Loving: Reflections on family, relationships, parenting, friendships, and all that squishy stuff.

Be Persistent: I am queen of the black-thumb gardeners.  I have killed every plant, from English Ivy to Garden Mint.  Watch as I murder hundreds of innocent seedlings and helpless houseplants!  I have dreams of someday growing ANYTHING all the way to a recognizable harvest.

Be Present: Sometimes, it’s enough to just witness what’s going on in the world around me.  And hope someone else thinks it’s as funny as I do.

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